We don’t know if it’s just us or if you were starting to suspect something too, but it’s starting to seem like JUUL are going to release the successor to their legendary JUUL starter pod device.

While not much is known yet, you should expect that the JUUL2 will feature numerous updates to the functionality of the original, including:

JUUL2 Starter Kit

JUUL2 device

Key Features: 

- Larger and more powerful battery, increasing its lifespan in-between charges.
- Handy child-proof design, utilising Bluetooth technology to tackle underage use.  
- An improved and more consistent vapour experience. 
- JUULpod ID to prevent the use of counterfeit pods.

While a fresh makeover of the device is to be expected, lovers of the originals should fear not, as it is said to adhere to a similar slimline style to previous variations.

What do we know so far?

Previous JUUL Pods provided nicotine concentrations of roughly 50-59 mg per millilitres of vape juice. The JUUL2 Pods are rumoured to offer a reduced strength of 30mg/ml. This means that the vape liquid inside the original JUUL Pods is ten times the strength of the JUUL2 Pods, as traditional open-system e cigarette typically utilise 3-6mg/ml strength vape liquid.

You probably know this by now, but if you’re none the wiser, the original JUUL pods come in 6 flavours:

1. Mint

2. Mango

3. Golden Tobacco

4. Berry 

5. Menthol 

6. Rich Tobacco

The brand new JUUL2 Pods offer updated flavours and robust, thick and consistent clouds. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, the JUUL 2 pods will also boast the capacity to hold 70% more vape juice within their compact and stylish design. JUUL2 pods will be exclusively compatible with the JUUL2 Device, and your subscription requires a minimum of 4 packs.

The new and improved JUUL2 flavours are as follows:

1. American Tobacco

2. Crisp Menthol 

3. Polar Menthol 

4. Virginia Tobacco 


FAQ: Things you might want to know


What is JUUL2?

From the small amount of information we have so far, we know that the JUUL2 is the widely-anticipated successor to their premium starter pod devices. It's expected that the JUUL2 will boast a larger and more powerful battery, and provide a satisfying yet lower strength hit provided by the reduced-strength of the nicotine salt JUUL2 pods.

How long will the JUUL2 Pods last?

Original variations of the JUUL Pods offer up to around 200 puffs, which should last you around 1-3 days depending on how often you vape. Vapers can expect the JUUL2 Pods to improve upon this and provide more puffs and vaping satisfaction.

How will I charge the JUUL2 Device?

Previous variations of the JUUL pod kits are charged with a USB Charging Dock. While we don't yet know exactly how the JUUL2 will be charged, vapers can expect a similar means of charging your kit.

How much is a JUUL2?

The original JUUL starter pod kit (with 4 pods included) costs £14.99. We expect the JUUL2 to be priced similarly, if not slightly more expensive upon first release.

Can you refill JUUL2 pods?

If the original JUUL pods are anything to go by, we should expect the JUUL2 pods to be disposable, rather than refillable.

Where to buy JUUL2?

The JUUL2 will be available to buy online and in-store here at Vape Shop, as well from other Vaping retailers.