Havana Tobacco E-Liquid

A delightful taste of Havana. This starts strongly, with a pungent woody tobacco e-liquid, which has a sharpness about the edges. Then there's a firm throat hit, a smoky base note and the merest hint of dark sugar in the background. The aftertaste brings another wave of woody tobacco, followed by a superb dry bitterness. There are no discordant side notes, and enough complexity to give it depth and interest. It's a proper tobacco vape: satisfying, smooth and full-bodied.
You'll recognise some elements from our Wizard’s Leaf E-Liquid here capturing the best bits of a cigar, that rich tobacco and the bitter tang, but without the harshness. If you're looking to vape something with some substance, then this is the stuff.

The Highest Quality UK Made E-Liquid

All our WizMix flavours are made right here in the UK both fully CHIP compliant and made to food grade standards in our very own ISO Class 8 cleanroom under the strictest conditions with every batch produced undergoing GC-MS testing. Ensuring that all our liquids are both chemically pure, free from diketones and traceable guaranteeing our customer receiving the highest quality E-Liquid available.

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*Please note - Havana Tobacco was previously Havana Mild.