Rich Bean Rocket E-Liquid

A robust coffee flavour e-liquid with an intense finish, the initial draw is a little deceptive, it starts with a relaxed coffee taste with a hint of dark chocolate and a touch of sweetness too. The intense coffee flavour grows in strength and character as you inhale before there is a sudden change of pace as you begin to exhale with a rush of pure roast coffee bean flavour. This doesn't stray into bitterness but has plenty of depth and peaks with an unmistakable and potent blast of strong black coffee, and then leaves you with an aftertaste that lingers most pleasingly. This is certainly one for the true coffee lover. It is no mild and milky brew, but a rich and full-bodied dark roast that captures the essence of an espresso.

The Highest Quality UK Made E-Liquid

All our WizMix flavours are made right here in the UK both fully CHIP compliant and made to food grade standards in our very own ISO Class 8 cleanroom under the strictest conditions with every batch produced undergoing GC-MS testing. Ensuring that all our liquids are both chemically pure, free from diketones and traceable guaranteeing our customer receiving the highest quality E-Liquid available.

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