The UK Government and Vaping

Feb 1, 2024

Government Disposable Vape Ban

The UK Government and Vaping

Citing worries about youth vaping, the UK Government has announced a ban on disposable vapes, which will become law after a 6-month grace period.

These new regulations include:

  • Restriction of vape flavours.
  • Tighter controls of packaging.
  • Regulating shop displays.
  • Banning disposable vapes.
  • Responding to the “affordability of vapes”.

The changes in question come whilst the government aims to create Britain’s first “smoke-free” generation. If our government genuinely wishes to reduce or even remove smoking completely, limiting the public’s access to vapes could severely setback a lot of the ground that has been made in the time since the emergence of vaping devices. 

The National Health Service reports that adults who mix vaping with in-person support are up to two times as likely to successfully quit smoking as those using other nicotine replacement products, such as patches and gum (Source: Using Cigarettes to Stop Smoking). Whilst vaping is not entirely devoid of risks, it is considerably less harmful than smoking, presenting a fragment of the hazards that are linked to smoking, and there is no legitimate evidence to indicate that vaping causes cancer (Source: Is Vaping Harmful?).

The NHS prescribe vapes as a smoking cessation tool, taking note of the fact that vaping is regulated far more sternly in the UK than in countries such as the United States (Source: What Are E-Cigarettes And Are They Safe?). 

Public Health England notes that in 2017 over 50,000 people who would have otherwise continued smoking quit via the use of vapes and E-cigarettes (Source: Vaping in England). If the UK government has a legitimate interest in creating a smoke-free country, surely the shift towards vapes is something to be encouraged, rather than deterred?

However, given the uncertainty around the long-term effects of vaping, it isn't hard to understand why concerned parties are worried about the unfortunate prospect of young people taking up vaping, particularly whilst their bodies are still growing. 

Although it may be disappointing to see disposable vapes getting banned, we appreciate the goal to oppose youth vaping, and we will continue to provide high-quality vapes to our loyal customers, whilst also ensuring that E-cigarettes aren't ending up in the hands of those who are beneath the age requirements outlined by health professionals. 

It can be easy to fixate on the negatives, but there are also an excessive amount of positives to consider when looking at how far the vaping industry has come over the last few years! 

As of the end of 2023, Vapes are the fastest-growing retail product in the UK. One in eight people in the UK are smokers, which equates to 12.9% of our population. During the year 2000 27% of the UK's population were smokers. When considering this data, we can see an unquestionable connection between the decreasing number of smokers and the publicising of vaping products in the early 2000s. 

Alternatives to Disposables

Whilst your preferred disposable vapes may be going the way of the dinosaurs, practically every prominent producer of disposable vapes also offers a reusable alternative to their popular disposables!

If Elf Bars are your choice of disposable, they also make Elfa Pro Pod Kits, as well as Elfliq e-liquid! If you prefer SKE Crystal vapes, SKE Crystal has the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit. The creators of Lost Mary disposables also offer the Lost Mary Tappo Kit, in addition to Maryliq Nicotine Salts.

These enticing reusable vapes are fundamentally identical to their disposable cousins, providing the same mouth-watering flavours and satisfying nicotine hit, whilst offering a less expensive and more environmental-friendly vaping experience! 

Also, the nicotine salt e-liquids that these brands manufacture can easily be paired with any MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape kit, to achieve the same rich flavour and smooth sensation as vaping a disposable. 

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