Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

Dec 8, 2023

Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vapes have become astoundingly popular in recent years. These incredibly convenient devices are a favourite for nights out, giving users quick and easy access to rich flavour and a smooth nicotine hit, without the need to invest in more complicated refillable vape devices.

However, the prospect of a government ban on disposable vapes has made the future of these easy-to-use devices uncertain. Citing environmental concerns and worries about the ease with which young people can get their hands on vape devices, there is a very real possibility that disposables could soon be a thing of the past.

If such a ban were to be passed, what alternatives are out there for users looking for the smooth inhale and strong nicotine hit that have made disposable devices so popular?

Luckily, the features that have drawn the general public to disposable vapes can very easily be recreated in reusable vape devices!

Nicotine Salts

Disposable Vapes are filled with Nicotine Salt e-liquid, which is what gives them their iconic smooth inhale, and extremely satisfying hit of nicotine. To recreate these features in a reusable vape, all you need to do is put those rich and flavourful Nicotine Salts into your vape device.

Reusable Vapes

Reusable vape kits come in a vibrant variety of colours and styles, offering users a massive range of options. There are easy-to-use MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape kits that emulate the sensation of smoking a cigarette, and more complicated advanced vape kits that tend to offer Sub-Ohm vaping. Sub-Ohm devices are typically more powerful than their MTL counterparts and support a style of vaping that creates large clouds of rich vapour, inhaled directly into the lungs rather than the mouth.

Popular disposable vape brands like SKE and Elf Bar produce stylish, travel-friendly pod vape kits that closely resemble the disposable vapes manufactured by their brands. If you have a particular fondness for SKE Crystal Disposables, then the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kits offer the exact same experience as the SKE disposable range, but in the form of a sleek and easy-to-use reusable pod kit that is identical to SKE disposables in almost every way. Likewise, the ELFA pod kits from Elf Bar are practically indistinguishable from Elf Bar’s disposable range, with the exception of their practical reusability.

Saving Money

As well as serving as an easy-to-use and convenient alternative to disposable vapes, the combination of nicotine salts and reusable vape devices utterly blows disposables out of the water, when it comes to the price tag.

To use one of the most popular brands of disposable vapes as an example, Lost Mary disposable devices usually cost somewhere within the ballpark of £5 - £6. Working off of the assumption that a Lost Mary costs £5.50, buying five Lost Marys a week would quickly equate to £27.50 spent on disposables every week. That number soon grows to £119.20 each month, and £1430 every year!

It is immediately obvious that repeatedly using disposable vapes very quickly becomes an incredibly expensive vice. However, this money sink can easily be sidestepped, with the handy use of Nic-Salts and disposable vape devices.

The average bottle of Nic Salt E-liquid costs about £4 and contains the same amount of puffs as five Lost Mary disposable vapes, and therefore should last somebody who vapes a moderate amount around one week. Additionally, a standard pack of two vape pods for a reusable pod vape kit costs approximately £6, with each pod lasting an estimated ten days.

By these calculations, a customer would be spending roughly £156 on reusable pods and £208 on Nic Salts every year. Alongside the one-time payment of buying a pod vape kit for an estimated £15, this all equates to £379 a year for consistent use of a reusable pod vape kit, against a whopping £1430 for prolonged use of disposable vapes!

If a slick pod kit vape isn’t your cup of tea, there is a boundless range of diverse and exciting vape devices available on the Vape Shop website. From sleek and compact beginner-friendly kits to advanced powerhouses that offer an abundance of intuitive options and cutting-edge features, there is a vape device to match every mood and preference.

To summarise...

It very quickly becomes obvious why nicotine salt vape liquids and reusable vape kits are a much more fiscally vigilant decision than continuing to rely on disposable vape devices. For a more environmentally friendly and financially responsible vaping experience, make the switch from disposables to reusable vapes today!

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