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Apr 12, 2023

Swap To Stop


Quitting smoking can be exceedingly difficult, with just 18.2% of adults in England quitting due to nicotine patches and gums. The information available on the safety of vaping may be confusing.

According to a Public Health England research produced by various UK based academics, vaping is 95% safer than smoking! Cancer Research UK has also offered support to those who use vaping to combat smoking related diseases. This demonstrates that vaping is far safer than cigarettes since it does not contain most of the harmful compounds contained in smoke. Despite indications that vaping is less dangerous, over 40% of smokers have not tried it.

You inhale nicotine when you smoke or use an e-cigarette, however unlike regular cigarettes, nicotine from e-cigarettes occurs in the form of a vapour, which does not require the burning of tobacco. While nicotine is addictive, it cannot induce smoking related diseases such as cancer or heart disease. In fact the nicotine in vapes and e-liquids isn't pure enough to be toxic. Which means vaping does not expose the body to noxious compounds like tar and carbon monoxide, which can cause these smoking related diseases.


To help smokers quit using tobacco products, a starter kit for vaping will be provided free of charge via the NHS.

One million smokers will be encouraged to switch from cigarettes to vapes under a ground breaking new 'Swap to Stop' scheme that aims to improve the nation's health and reduce smoking rates. As part of the world's first nationwide initiative, almost 1 in 5 of all smokers in England will be given a vape starter kit as well as behavioural support to help them stop smoking. The new policies will aid the government's goal of helping more individuals stop smoking by utilising vaping as a tool.

Health Minister Neil O'Brien announced on Tuesday, April 11th, that after the success of local schemes, pregnant women will be provided financial incentives to assist them to quit smoking. Previous efforts that provided free vapes to smokers were successful. The UK undertook its largest 'Swap to Stop' trial programme in Salford in 2018. It was a huge victory, with over 60% of those who stuck with the program become smoke free after 4 weeks!

Pregnant women will be compensated and supported in their efforts to quit smoking.

It is believed that 9% of pregnant women in England still smoke, and the government claims that local experiments show that financial incentives can be beneficial. As part of a package of initiatives, pregnant women will be paid up to £400 to quit smoking.

By the end of 2024, all pregnant women who smoke will get vouchers as well as behavioural support. Assisting more women in having a smoke free pregnancy will minimise the number of infants born underweight or underdeveloped. It will also lower the chances of miscarriage and stillbirths.

Reducing smoking rates minimise the amount of smoking related diseases that must be treated, putting less strain on the NHS. The government has committed to lowering smoking rates in England to less than 5% by 2030. Among the measures announced cigarette boxes will have encouraging messages and advice on quitting smoking as mandatory.

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If you want to quit smoking or know someone else who would like to, now is an excellent opportunity to do so with VAPRIL. For more information, see our helpful support blogs such as STAGES OF QUITTING SMOKING and TOP 10 REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING.

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