Top 10 Tobacco Flavour E-liquids in The UK

Jul 12, 2021

Top 10 Tobacco Flavour E-liquids in The UK


Not everyone is as excited about the intensely sweet tastes that many e-liquids offer, with some vapers preferring a flavour that is more similar to tobacco. Smokers looking to transition to vaping can find these flavours much more appealing than a sweet fruit or confectionary flavouring.

Below, we have outlined the best e-liquid flavours in the UK that mimic the aroma of tobacco.

Top 10 Tobacco Flavour E-liquids

1. WizMix Havana Tobacco
2. WIZMAXX Popular Vape
3. Gimme Tobacco
4. Rich Vanilla Tobacco By Rodeo Ultra
5. Sweet Tobacco By Vampire Vape
6. Hubana Sweet Hazelnut Tobacco Short Fill
7. Element Honey Roasted Tobacco
8. Blu E-Liquid Golden Tobacco
9. Vapemate Classic VM Tobacco
10. Perfect Strangers Tobacco Twist Short Fill

     1. WizMix Havana Tobacco 

    WizMix Havana Tobacco


    For vapers with a penchant for cigars, look no further than WizMix Havana Tobacco flavour tobacco e-liquid. With a robust flavour profile reminiscent of Cuba’s finest exports, you can experience the rich aroma of a cigar from your trusty vape. Featuring an excellent throat hit and a rich flavour of Cuban tobacco, this is a potent flavour.

     2.  WIZMAXX Popular Vape

    WIZMAXX Popular Vape


    With robust, earthy notes and a smooth hit, WIZMAXX Popular Vape e-liquid is a great flavour for emulating a well-roasted cigarette. Featuring maximum VG content, this e-juice provides a full-bodied vape that does not tickle the throat.

     3. Gimme Tobacco

    Gimme Tobacco


    Gimme Tobacco is another lightly roasted tobacco flavour, blending robust aromas with a smooth exhale. Perfectly suited for ex-smokers looking to get a similar flavour to a cigarette, Gimme Tobacco is a great all-around e-liquid.

     4. Rich Vanilla Tobacco By Rodeo Ultra



    For a slightly more fragrant tobacco vape experience, Rodeo Ultra’s Rich Vanilla Tobacco perfectly pairs the sweet notes of vanilla with the richness of tobacco. With hints of wood and a smooth exhale, this is an excellent e-liquid that does not go overboard with flavours.

     5. Sweet Tobacco By Vampire Vape

    Sweet Tobacco By Vampire Vape


    Sweet Tobacco by Vampire Vape is just that - an e-liquid that tastes like sweetened tobacco. With aromas of caramel and rich tobacco, Sweet Tobacco offers a balanced flavour and a smooth vaping experience.

     6. Hubana Sweet Hazelnut Tobacco Short Fill



    Blending rich Cuban tobacco with sweet hazelnut flavours, Short Fill has created a taste sensation with their Hubana Sweet Hazelnut Tobacco e-liquid. With notes of vanilla, tobacco, nuts and caramel, this is a delicious flavour profile that is hard to put down.

     7. Element Honey Roasted Tobacco


    Honey Roast Tobacco e-liquid by Element E-Liquid is a palatable mix of earthy Tobacco with sweet and nutty undertones of Caramel and Nuts bringing a nice balance to this flavour mix all packaged in 10ml plastic bottles with a blend ratio of 80/20 VG/PG.

     8. Blu E-Liquid Golden Tobacco

    Blu E-Liquid Golden Tobacco


    With notes of oak and sweet, matured tobacco, Blu Golden Tobacco e-liquid is a great emulation of a smooth tobacco cigarette. With a satisfying throat hit and strong flavours, this is the perfect e-liquid to move away from actual tobacco and into the world of vaping.

     9. Vapemate Classic VM Tobacco

    Vapemate Classic VM Tobacco


    With an all-tobacco flavour profile, Vapemate’s Classic VM Tobacco e-liquid is designed with the ex-smoker in mind. Using a 50/50 PG/VG blend, this e-liquid offers a decent throat-hit and is an excellent replication of traditional tobacco.

     10. Perfect Strangers Tobacco Twist Short Fill



    Perfect Strangers Tobacco Twist Short Fill is a flavourful e-liquid that partners rich, Virginia tobacco aromas with the sweet flavour of the American biscuit Graham crackers and buttered pastries. For a unique, tobacco-Esque flavour, you can’t do much better than this e-liquid.


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