Vape Shop Outlet Introduces First Vape Vending Machine

Feb 11, 2022

Our Leicester Vape Shop Outlet store made history by being the first to install a vape vending machine.

Plans to roll out vape vending machines across the UK have been in talks for some time, and this week, our Leicester Vape Shop Outlet store made history by being the first to install a vape vending machine as part of a 12-month trial. 

Customers who visit our Vape Shop Outlet will be able to use this machine by downloading a smartphone app created by digital tech company, 1account. Proof of age is required to purchase, alongside a selfie to confirm. The smart technology will then cross-reference and verify using data including mobile phone records. 

Currently, the vending machine is offering Geek Bars as part of the trial, with plans to introduce more products along the way. Once you’ve selected your product on the vending machine, open the app where you will be given a scannable QR code which will unlock the product. The product will be dispensed from the machine after making a payment via card. 

The vape vending machine hardly differs from a regular vending machine which would usually stock snacks and beverages.

“Today, adult customers have greater than ever choice where they buy their vape products, including specialist vape retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, online and now vending machines.” says Ben Keirle, founder and CEO of 1account.

“This new generation of machines, incorporating our leading-edge digital ID technology, provides adults with greater access to vape products, which the government states are at least 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes, while at the same time safeguarding against under-18s getting their hands on vape devices and e-liquids,” he added.

Supermarkets will be the next target home for vape vending machines.

UK Vaping Industry Association director general John Dunne commented: “The advent of the vape vending machine is another example of the innovative spirit within the sector, which will support more smokers in making a successful transition from conventional cigarettes to considerably less harmful vape products and at the same time boosting the retail economy.”

“Today there are some 2.4 million former adult smokers as a result of completely switching over to vaping and there is relatively low take-up among under 18-year-olds. The vending machine, with its built-in digital ID technology, will help to ensure both trends continue.”

Come and visit us at Vape Shop Leicester where you can now purchase selected vape products from our vending machine.

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