Take the SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit for a SPIN!

Jan 8, 2024

SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit

Take the SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit for a SPIN!

Are you looking to get even more flavour out of your vape? SKE Vape has the answer to your quandary with this ingenious range of 4in1 vapes! Give this innovative series of vapes a try, and discover a fantastically creative new form of vaping.

The phenomenal 4in1 pod vape kits from SKE boast a new ground-breaking feature, giving vapers the opportunity to enjoy four times more mouth-watering flavour than usual! Relish in a luscious rush of vibrant taste, with each of the four pods containing a different delicious flavour.

Perfect for out-and-about vaping, these compact and beginner-friendly vapes can be transported with ease, making them ideal for vaping on the way to work, or on a night out with friends. Bored of one flavour? Simply rotate the kit’s mechanism to select a different pod, and delight in an entirely new burst of E-liquid!

Featuring a formidably powerful 950mAh battery, the SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kits provide a long-lasting vaping experience, teeming with the same scrumptious Nicotine Salt E-liquid that can be found in other SKE Crystal disposable devices. Including heavenly flavours such as Watermelon Ice, Blue Razz Lemonade, and Cola Ice, the range of enticing tastes offered by these delightful vapes is truly vast.

Smooth MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping provides the discreet production of delectable flavour, in a manner that is similar to the sensation of smoking a cigarette. Due to this, SKE Crystal 4in1 vapes and other MTL vape devices are a wonderful choice for those looking to make the transition from smoking to vaping.

SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kits contain 2% nicotine vape juice, with each of the four pods boasting up to 600 yummy puffs! These kits support Type-C charging and utilise advanced mesh coils that expedite the production of rich and plentiful flavour. The rotating nature of the pods used in the SKE Crystal 4in1 kit means that flavours can be easily mixed and matched, allowing users to select the flavour combination that appeals to them.

Offering a vibrant range of flavours and an incredible amount of customisation, the SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Vape Kits make a wonderful addition to any vapers collection!

SKE Crystal 4in1 Flavours

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