Make The Switch To Vaping

Making the switch to vaping

There are numerous benefits to the arrival of the vaping culture, not least to the individual making the switch, but also in a wider social context as passive smoking becomes less of a problem and butts no longer lay strewn across streets (or at least, they’re in much lower quantities).  

While some continue to purchase traditional cigarettes and dither over making the switch to vaping, there is increasing evidence to suggest that switching does indeed come with a host of advantages and some medical institutions are even coming around to the idea of recommending vaping as a valid, ‘healthier’ alternative and smoking cessation aid.

Effect on health
Though vaping does not remove the reliance on nicotine all together, e-cigarettes can be an efficient mechanism for reducing nicotine consumption. More interestingly - and perhaps more importantly - e-liquids themselves are known to comprise of a much lower quantity of the hazardous chemicals that normal cigarettes contain; and of the dozens of known carcinogens in traditional tobacco, e-liquids contain next-to-none.

Social acceptance
Whilst the health issues and societal costs of smoking are more than established, there remains the freedom of choice. If people wish to continue to smoke irrespective of the potential personal damage, it is difficult to make a compelling argument to force them to quit. An easier standpoint could be the possibility of the passive harm that smoking causes, however.

In removing the negative by-products of smoking, this is no longer an issue, meaning that vapers don’t suffer the same scrutiny as your day-to-day smoker. All-in-all, it is a much more socially acceptable pastime that is infinitely more considerate of the wider public.

Personal hygiene
Health benefits – tick. Social benefits – tick. And no less important is the effect on your own personal hygiene.

Another unwanted by-product of smoking is the smell; be it on the breath, or through the lingering odour that persists on garments. Yet, replace this with the sweetness that accompanies so many of the e-liquids available on the market and – rather than suffering from a distinctly unpleasant hygienic result – the less pervasive aromas of slightly-honeyed vapour clouds persist.

Improved bank balance
Not only will your body thank you, your bank balance will also. As tax on cigarettes continues to rise, with the cost of a packet now surpassing £10, smokers are spending into the thousands to sustain their habit.

Conversely, with the relatively cheap starter kits on the market and with e-liquids and replacements parts remaining inexpensive, vapers would struggle to hit one thousand pounds in annual spend.

Ease of use
As smoking becomes increasingly vilified, there are simply fewer locations in which you are allowed to light up. Even outdoor areas that one would believe to be OK, have become smoke-free zones.

While some authorities do extend the ban to e-cigarettes, it is still infinitely easier to find a spot to use your vape, sometimes even indoors too!

Individuality and personalisation
As a rapidly-evolving industry, vapers have scope for a lot of personalisation. From customised mods to eclectic flavour variations, you’re unlikely to become bored anytime soon once you switch to vaping. Moreover, with most products and e-liquids having a modest price tag, vapers can pick and choose until they find the selection that fits their lifestyle - and look.

Return of the senses
A less spoken about side-effect of smoking – perhaps because so few people actually make it through the giving up stage – and one of the most pleasing aspects of putting down the cigarette and picking up the vape is that suddenly, as if by some miracle, food will taste better and your sense of smell will become more pronounced. Habitual smoking can greatly depreciate your senses and for many, rediscovering a true sense of taste and smell is enough to convince them that vaping is the only way forward.

Starter Kits
Whether a seasoned smoker or a vaping newbie, there is a starter kit for every individual who wants to make the switch.

The Aspire Pockex Kit is an easy-to-use, compact system that is affordable £22.99 and comes in a selection of colours. It’s popularity is much to do with how discreet and easy to use it is. It’s the ultimate all-in-one device, ideal for any vaper, both new or seasoned. Other popular kits for those who want to make the switch include the Joyetech - eGo AIO ECO and the Aspire Breeze - Pocket AIO

Once you’ve chosen the right electronic cigarette for you, all that’s left to do is to select one of the many great tasting e-liquids.

So, whether it’s for your health, the money benefits or just through a frustration at the lack of available smoking options left on the market these days, there are an abundant amount of reasons to move from the traditional cigarette to its electronic counterpart.

For your own personal benefit; for the good of those around you; or for the thrill of experimenting with the array of great tasting e-liquid flavours available; we are yet to find someone who hasn’t enjoyed making the switch to vaping. We encourage each and every smoker to at least give it a try!

The industry has come on in unimaginable ways over the course of the last decade, yet there seems to be no let-up in the innovation and creativity of manufacturers. Increasingly nostalgic flavour variations, ever-more progressive mods, abundantly thick vapour clouds – these are just some of the forward steps we have seen in recent years.

And their inspiration has not abated, so we don’t expect things to turn south anytime soon. If you haven’t yet acquired a vape for yourself, now might just be the time to pick one up.